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Now Is The Time For Change!

Sure you could try and set-up your own plan and do all the work yourself right now. But let's face facts... if you were going to do that, wouldn't you have already started?

Successful outcomes don’t happen by accident - it’s all about making sure you know what is required and then putting a plan in place to ensure you can deliver what’s needed.

Unfortunately, many business owners believe that, “it takes tons of money to make money”
in the business world. The good news is that motto could not be further from the truth.

With the right frame of mind you can continue to build a thriving small business
without breaking the bank on marketing. These useful marketing tactical tips
should help point you in the right direction.


In essence,the 1st month is for campaign prep and set-up, the following month will be a ongoing digital marketing and social media campaign plan.

The plan summary:

1) Get your cannabis visual identity and marketing in gear.

2) Grow your brand while boosting your online presence.

3) Managing your social media in a consistent and professional manner.

4) Develop, engage and nurture a positive online following.

From our involvement, you will learn which posts are best received and the best times to post to your audience.

Within our service plan, during the first month of initial prep, Mary Janez Brand can setup connections with your existing social accounts as well as setting up any other needed new accounts, develop social media headers, icons and graphics with your brand, gage which tone of voice to use the social campaign to ensuring it is just right.

We can handle all your social media accounts, email blast, custom landing pages, videos and other marketing tactics on your behalf, whilst having regular contact with you. During which you would have a chance to learn some of the ins-and-outs of the process.
And when your ready, we can hand over everything over to you and your team.

If however, you decide you would like us to continue to manage the social media accounts for you, we will happily do this.

Mary Janez Brand offers monthly marketing plans.
» You choose which service plan you want: Aggressive, Standard or Docile.
» You pay a small fixed fee prior to each month.
» A set amount of production time will be assigned to your accoun
»You will be notified and billed upon approval - if your campaign or request are outside the original scope of work.
» All you need to do is provide the monthly content, we take care of the rest, editorial services not included.
» A predetermined production schedule will be followed every month for both our team and yours.
» You may also purchase an additional set amount of design work hours (Designer TimeBlocks) at time at a very reduced rate. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to let someone else do all the heavy lifting.


Bottom Line:
Ultimately the goal is to get more customers and make more money. But you really don't have the time; and who has the patience to learn a bunch of new and complicated processes and programs? 

A monthly marketing service plan may be your best bet to help you get ahead. 

Give this program and try, see if it's a good fit. If you find it's not, no problem, just cancel after the 6 month period. 

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