Are You Visible or Invisible?

How Can a Cannabis Brand Compete Today Without a Professional Presence? 

Surprisingly, most buisness owners have no idea how they appear to potential customers within the marketplace.

Our visual society now demands instant access to information, making it imperative to keep your savvy customers in mind when developing a visual identity for your company brand.

Some owners will claim they just don’t have the time, resources or budget to invest in marketing materials and plan on continuing as they always have. But in today's economy and technology driven age, can a cannabis business really afford not to change with the times?

General businesses have become invisible  by using an outdated website and/or poorly designed marketing materials, giving their visible competition the marketing advantage.

Face it, word-of-mouth used to be the best form of marketing. But times have drastically changed and technology reshaped the way we do business. Today's consumers focus on vendors who offer website interactions, engage in social media and present a professional looking visual identity.

Cannabis Is Popular,

but brands are at risk!

If cannabis brands don't change they won't stand a change up against another business that offer the same quality of products and/or services. It is imperative that a cannabis brand demonstrates a strong professional visual presence.

Lack of a consistent visual identity reflected across all types of media could be detrimental to the their success.


Sadly, those who chose not to invest in move forward with website technology fell behind. Leaving their competitors in control of the market.

In the past few years the functionality and sophistication of websites have evolved in leaps and bounds. Leaving those websites of the past to die and become obsolete.

But fear not; You still have time to change, but it's imperative to take action now.

Survive and thrive in today's market

We Can Give You A Fighting Chance!

Mary Janez Brand offers a variety of creative design solutions that help cannabis businesses, like yours, STAND OUT and get noticed. Our attention is direct towards our clients needs and finding real world solutions that help capture their customers attention. 

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