Our Work Process

How we growing a cannabis visual identity & brand.
Take a look at the concept to completion steps below.

Step #1 - Introductory

First step, we would need to go through an introductory phase to see if we would be a good fit. 
We only work exclusively with a few qualified clients at any given time. This is to ensure the best possible service is provided.

Step #2 - Discovery

Through a process of surveys and meetings we'll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your business and goals. Architecture - just like a building, a website needs a solid blueprint. Together we'll determine the best way to organize your website and sketch out a rough outline.

Step #3 - Content

With a solid blueprint in place it will be your job to collect, organize, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website.

Step #4 - Design

At the same time you are working on content our team will be creating non-functioning comprehensive layouts showing possible design directions.

Step #5 - Development

With all the necessary architecture, content, and design elements in hand we'll create the first working version of your website.

Step #6 - Launch

Getting your website and/or marketing materials "go live" ready will inevitably require several rounds of revisions and polish. Once the everything is ready, we'll go through the final launch checklist.

Step #7 - Final

Your site is now live! Your materials are created. And now, your ready to begin marketing your cannabis business.

You need more than a simple website to

Build a cananbis brand

Many steps and stages go into creating any type of brand. Skipping those mile markers could hurt your business.

The first step is to pinpoint the most important elements and aspects of your business (discovery stage). Then we move on to create a solution that works best for your business and start designing a visual identity that will represent your brand. Finally develop and incorporate conversion funnel to help achieve your business goals.

PLAN PROCESS : If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

  • Discovery Stage:

    The discovery stage is to gain a clear understanding about your past, current and future marketing plans.
    Together we will discuss:
    • Current business goals
    • Primary goal of marketing campaign
    • Who are your main targets
    • What media outlets will be used
    • Look at your competitors campaign
    • Improve upon your competitors approach
    • Decide on the best overall course of action
    • Production schedule and action plan 

  • Strategy Stage:

    At this stage I will be profiling your target audience and creating a results-oriented digital strategy that blends form and function across every facet of the user's experience.

  • Design Stage:

    In this phase of the creative process, I will combine all of the information to craft a plan for your brand.

  • Measure Stage:

    In this phase, I measure how effectively the campaign is meeting your marketing goals and objectives.

  • Refine Stage:

    In this phase, adjustments to the campaign may be needed depending on data and visitor behavior to ensure your marketing campaign to achieve maximum results.

  • Manage Stage:

    Launching your campaign is only the beginning. Ongoing month marketing services will keep your site fresh, competitive and profitable.


Conversion Funnel

An effective conversion funnel typically includes things such as email, content, video and traditional marketing tactics, along with highly targeted messages delivered via social media campaigns. 

These strategies and tactics are highly effective both for spreading awareness as well as to convert potential customers.



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